Joey Chestnut named AP Athlete of the Year

For the first time ever, the Associated Press has named a competitive eater its Athlete of the Year. The honor went to Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion Joey Chestnut, who powered his way through 187 hot dogs in a span of just ten minutes during the championship event. “That’s a lot of hot dogs,” said an Associated Press member. “I mean, come on bro. 187 hot dogs in ten minutes. The second place finisher, that thin Japanese dude–he only ate 64 hot dogs. So, I mean, we had to name Chestnut our Athlete of the Year.”

Chestnut received 58 of a possible 59 first place votes by the AP–the only other vote going to LeBron James, after his Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals versus the record breaking Golden State Warriors. “LeBron is good and all,” said another AP member. “But, I mean, first of all, how many hot dogs can LeBron eat in ten minutes? Maybe four. Also, LeBron won the championship with a team of 11 other guys. But Chestnut ate those hot dogs by himself. And then afterwards, he ate six bags of Funions as a snack. The guy’s a great athlete.”

James had this to say about the AP’s snub. “I mean, I won the NBA Finals, against the 73-9 Golden State Warriors. But on the other hand, 187 hot dogs is a lot of hot dogs. So, yeah. Chestnut did better than me as an athlete. This year, I’m gonna try and do a better job of winning the NBA Finals. I’m not competing against the rest of the NBA so much as I’m competing against Joey Chestnut.”


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