Trump says more news stories should be about Trump

Donald Trump is taking on the media again–and this time, it’s because they’re not mentioning Trump as often as Trump wants them to mention Trump. “The media should be talking about Trump more often,” said Trump in an interview yesterday. “I mean, you go somewhere, to some news site on the internet, and you’re going through the news–the first nine articles you read are about Trump, but then there are some other articles, and you know what those articles are about? They’re not about Trump.”

According to a recent poll taken by Hundred Percent News, 93% of respondents said that they eat bananas more often than they eat mangoes. Trump then contacted Hundred Percent News, and stated that the poll should’ve been about Trump. “I’m trying to make America great again,” remarked Trump. “But you got these polls–there are these polls. These polls are not about Trump. This is a classic case of the media not talking about Trump. They’re talking about tropical fruit. By the way–some very credible sources are telling me that the world ‘tropical’ means ‘non-American.’ Which means that bananas and mangoes are in this country illegally.”


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