YouTuber looking to manufacture new YouTube drama on YouTube

Noted YouTuber Trisha Paytas, who has, like, a bajillion subscribers on YouTube, says she wants to start up a new drama with another popular person on YouTube. “I want to do some drama-ing with someone new,” said Paytas in an interview with Mario Lopez. “Cuz, I mean, like, you know. Drama. It’s good.”

Paytas has many candidates on her list of people to drama with, but experts say that the top two names on the list are Channon Rose, and Gabbie of the Gabbie Show. “The smart money says she’s gonna go with Channon Rose,” said Nate Silver, who  apparently is an expert on YouTube dramas. “Because, I mean, Trisha knows that if she does drama with Channon, people will be all like, ‘Oh no she didn’t!'”

Trisha’s life coach, however, believes that Trisha should go after Delicio Montavez, since Delico is really, really thin, and she talks trash about anyone who isn’t thin, so that could make good drama. “I say Delico,” remarked life coach Tuzhowa Shanta. “You know? I mean, yeah. I say Delicio. I’m not really Trisha’s life coach, though. I’m more like Tricia’s drug dealer.”



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