Reggae musician writes song about Jamaica and marijuana

Most reggae music songs are about two things: Jamaica and marijuana. But reggae artist Rodman Ohebstafarian has just put out a new song that’s primarily about two things: Jamaica and marijuana.

“The song is about Jamaica and marijuana,” said Ohebstafarian in an exclusive interview with Hundred Percent News. “Because, you know, that’s me being real. Me being real is me singing about Jamaica, and also me singing about marijuana, and how I smoke it.”

According to reggae expert D’Dentyne Mufungoskype, Ohebstafarian’s song is unique in that not only does it mention Jamaica, it also mentions marijuana, making it one of just 873,245 reggae songs that mention both Jamaica and marijuana. “This is a really revolutionary song,” Mufungoskype said in an interview yesterday. “‘Cause if you want a reggae song that’s about both Jamaica and marijuana, this is that song, just like 873,244 other songs. So, yeah. This song should really make it clear that the reggae community is pro-Jamaica and pro-marijuana. ”


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