Couple has argument about pens


Gwen Shankman and AJ Tomlinson have been living together for seven months, and they just had their most pointless argument ever. The Arizona couple had the argument last night from 6:00 to 9:30, and then continued it this morning from 8:30 to 9:15, and then again this afternoon on the phone, from 2:30 to 3:15.

The argument got started last night when AJ stated that he couldn’t find a pen. “I couldn’t find a pen,” said AJ in an interview this afternoon with Mario Lopez. “And, like, I had just bought a dozen Bic pens–one dozen, as in 12–from Rite -Aid, maybe two or three months ago. I don’t go through pens that quickly. I write most stuff on an iPhone. But, you know, I bought 12 pens three months ago–and yesterday, I couldn’t find one pen. I bought 12. I couldn’t find one. Explain that one to me.”

Gwen did explain it to him last night and this morning and afternoon–with such colorful statements as, “Maybe you shoved all 12 pens up your ass.” She later elucidated on those comments in an interview with Mark Paul Gosselaar. “I mean, like, he acts like I’m systematically hiding pens or something. He’s busy asking me where I put his pens.”

Gwen discussed the pen argument for 20 minutes today with her friend Taylor, who hinted that Gwen should break up with AJ. At one point, she referred to him as a “sort of leech,” and also said he’s the kind of guy who “probably thinks wrestling is real.”AJ, on the other hand, has frequently told Gwen that he thinks Taylor is a “drugged-up golddigger” who “spends more money on eyeliner than The Rock and John Cena spend on steroids.”

Experts are busy speculating on what type of conversation AJ and Gwen will have tonight when they get home from work–and there are rumors swirling around that Gwen won’t even come home until late at night, and she’ll spend the evening with her ex-boyfriend Mitch. By the way, Gwen’s friend Taylor thinks that Mitch is also “basically a loser” like AJ, but at least Mitch’s father drives a Mercedes S-Class.


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