Woman not sure what to think after being compared to Kim Kardashian


A 27 year old California dental assistant is a bit perplexed after hearing a fairly vague comment about how she’s a lot like Kim Kardashian. Jen Arminson of San Jose had never been compared to Kim Kardashian before in any way up until yesterday, when she was on a first date with her friend Becky’s second cousin Owen, a 28 year old Baskin Robbins manager. He apparently thinks she’s like Kim Kardashian.

Earlier today, Jen told her other friend Zoe, “Like, I mean, we were walking after eating dinner. And at one point, he was all like, ‘You know, you remind me a lot of Kim Kardashian.’ And I was like, ‘Um. How so?’ And this guy, he was all like, ‘Just you know. All in all.’ And he didn’t really elucidate any further. He changed the subject to something else.”

Jen and Zoe spent an hour today discussing the matter, and focused on such topics as face, voice, personality, intelligence level, hair, and of course, butt size and butt shape. “I mean, like, you have a sort of big butt,” said Zoe. “But, like, it’s not exactly Kardashianesque in sheer mass. On the other hand, it is shaped like Kim Kardashian’s butt.”

Jen, on the other hand, focused less on her butt, and more on on the theory that her date Owen was actually calling her semi-ditzy. “I think that’s what he meant. He meant that my personality is like Kim’s. ‘Cause, like, I mean, I obviously don’t look like Kim Kardashian. I’m a skinny blonde.” And then Zoe was all like, “Well, I mean, you’re not that skinny.” And then Jen was all like, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” And then Zoe was all like, “I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I mean, you have a great figure. But, like, you’re not skinny, like, the way Amber is skinny.”

Jen is still not sure whether that last comment was a compliment or insult. (Click here to see pictures of Amber ) And again, she’s still not sure what Owen meant when he compared her to Kim Kardashian.

Hundred Percent News contacted Own and asked him to provide some elucidation on his comment–but, like, I mean, you know Owen. You know how he is. He was all like, “Whatever. You know. I’m just saying. She reminds me of Kim Kardashian. Just, like, whatever.”

Jen and Owen’s second date is scheduled for two days from now at 7 o’clock, so we’ll provide any updates on whether Owen says anything about what he meant when he was all like,  “You know, you remind me a lot of Kim Kardashian.”


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