Trump learns ten Mexican swear words

As part of his ongoing efforts to make America great again,  President-elect Donald Trump has been busy this week expanding his vocabulary of Mexican profanity. His teacher is none other than famed Mexican-American comedian George Lopez, who is considered one of America’s foremost experts on how to insult people in Mexican. “George Lopez is teaching me a lot of good stuff,” said Trump in a recent interview with Matt Lauer. “He’s acquainting me all kinds of super premium, top-of-the-line Mexican swear words. I know ten of them already–most notably pendejo, puto, maricon, and culero. These are words that are gonna come in real handy when I have meetings with Mexico’s President. If he doesn’t give America $50 billion for a wall, I intend to call him a puto, and probably a culero.”

Lopez, who was appointed as Trump’s Secretary of Mexican Insults last week, says that although he doesn’t support Trump’s politics, he does appreciate Trump’s commitment to learning about Mexican culture, and he also finds some aspects of this venture quite humorous. “I mean, Trump’s got his own politics and whatever,” he said to nobody in particular. “But, like, I just find it real funny when he says bad words in Spanish. I mean, the other day, he called Barack Obama a pinche cabron. It was really funny. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t personally consider Obama a pinche cabron.  But at the end of the day, my love for comedy takes precedence over my love for politics–and when you hear a white billionaire call a black politician a pinche cabron, it’s fucking hilarious.”


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