Tiffany Trump teaches Donald how to use the internet


In an effort to become more tech savvy than Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower, President-elect Donald Trump is taking internet lessons from his 23 year old daughter Tiffany. “It’s gonna take a while,” remarked Tiffany. “I mean, my father spent the first ten minutes asking me why keyboard letters aren’t in alphabetical order. Later, I spent two hours trying to help him understand the difference between Google and Wikipedia. He still doesn’t really get it.”

Trump’s full time Twitter assistant, Barry Moskowitz, says that Trump seems to be better suited for old school technology, like yelling at people and wearing expensive ties. “Mr. Trump is not really a good fit for computers and things of that nature. I mean, whenever he wants to Tweet something, he dictates the Tweet to me, and I type it in–but nine times out of ten, the Tweet is too long, and we get into a disagreement over what a 140 character limit is. He keeps on bringing up stuff about telegraphs–and sometimes he calls  Twitter and threatens to sue them.”

Tiffany is still hanging in there, looking to familiarize her father with basic computer concepts like space bar and volume up. “My father seems to be picking some stuff up. On the other hand, he also is still convinced that he can use an app to make tomato juice pour out of his iPhone.”


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