Jennifer Lawrence has conversation with non-celebrity

For the first time in seven years, Jennifer Lawrence has spoken for more than ten seconds to someone who isn’t famous. According to TMZ, the conversation took place in a line at a Coffee Bean in Malibu, and was witnessed by over 25 people. “It was really crazy,” said a Coffee Bean employee who wishes to remain anonymous. “I mean, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer were in line, and then Amy Schumer told Jennifer Lawrence a joke about her period, and then Amy Schumer had to go to her car to get a tampon from the glove compartment, and then  some woman started talking to Jennifer Lawrence, and Jennifer Lawrence actually engaged in a conversation with her! The other women wasn’t even famous or anything.”

The woman was later identified as 27 year old Carly Becker of Santa Monica, California–a dental assistant who doesn’t even have any friends who are famous. She drives a Honda Civic, and she’s dating some guy who plays ping pong for a living.

Experts are speculating on whether this means Jennifer Lawrence is going to continue talking to people who aren’t even on Hollywood’s B-list. “I don’t know,” says the black guy on TMZ, whose name is Charles Latibeaudiere. “I mean, one thing for sure is that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t gonna start hanging out at Walmart and taking the bus everywhere. You know? She’s not gonna integrate with the general public on that level. But it’s possible she might have another brief conversation with a non-celebrity.”

As for Amy Schumer, rumors are circulating that she’s going to sign an endorsement deal with one of the three major tampon companies. “She seems to like Tampax,” says one insider, “but o.b. is making a strong play to win her over.”


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