Eminem says he’s going to start using the n-word

In a surprise announcement, rapper Eminem said that he’s actually black, and he therefore has the right to say the n-word the way other black people do. “I mean, my moms, she told me the other day, ‘Marshall. You’re adopted. Your parents live at 723 North Palm Lane.’ So, like, I drove down there, and I met my parents–and lo and behold, they were blacker than Biggie Smalls. So, yeah. I’m black. ”

Eminem also said that he’s going to put out a three part album, in which he’ll use the n-word a record 2000 times. “I’m gonna be the first  brotha to say the word nigga 2000 times on one album. You know what I’m saying?”

Rapper Jay-Z said that he knows what Eminem is saying, but he’s not necessarily embracing his intentions with the n-word. “I mean, like, for starters, I want to see some proof that he really got black parents. You know what I mean? Plus, even if the dude is in fact black, I mean, come on. He’s Eminem. He can’t be saying nigga 2000 times on one album.”

Other African-Americans are showing support for Eminem–including Young Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar, but not President Obama, who thinks that Eminem should start singing country music.



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