47.3% of Americans know little to nothing about Kendall and Kylie Jenner

In 2016’s largest scale study regarding Kim Kardashian’s half-siblings, it has been discovered that nearly half of Americans aren’t especially familiar with the Jenner sisters.

“Who?” said Alberto Esperanza of East Los Angeles, California, a 53 year old plumber who took part in the 100,000 person survey. His wife Maria had a somewhat similar response when hearing their names. “I don’t know who is  them. What?” When asked if she knew Kim Kardashian, her response was much different. “Yes. The big butt. I see on TV.”

The results of the survey are being analyzed thoroughly by experts, some of whom are not 100% sold on the data. “These surveys are misleading,” said Alan Watson of TMZ Celebrity News. “It’s just like those Presidential Election polls, where it seemed like people weren’t gonna vote for Trump. It’s the same thing with Kendall and Kylie.”

Others, however, feel like maybe the Jenners just aren’t that famous. “I know them,” said a sleezy looking Russian pizza delivery man.” I will make sex with them if they are 18. I know them. I see them on internet and TV. But lots of people do not know them., I think. My cousin Yuri–he probably does not know them. If I show him Kendall and Kylie, he will also say that he will make sex with them. If they are 18.”





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